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My first born; my little girl; Ms. Personality!

My first born; my little girl; Ms. Personality!

Hi, I’m Jamie!

I’m a Holistic Health Coach. Before getting married and having kids, I devoted my energy to my work and studies, including real estate, organic farming, certification as a Health Coach through Integrative Nutrition, and Bible college.

I married Mr. Fix-it in 2014, delivered my first baby, Ms. Personality, in 2015 and delivered my second and final baby, "The Man Child", in 2017. As an avid health and wellness enthusiast, I now take that passion and training and apply it to my family and health coaching clients.

When I’m not helping other moms reach their health and wellness goals, I can be found exploring nature with my kids, going out to eat with my husband or girlfriends, doing Yoga or walking my Border Collie, Walter.


One of the biggest stressors in a mother's day is getting healthy meals on the table consistently that her family will love.

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